Mountain biking is emerging as one of the most popular sporting activities taken up by young and old alike. While men are taking this up more than women the activity is starting to emerge as a great way to stay healthy. And anyone watching a biker rush down a mountainous terrain will understand the adrenalin rush. Of course, the idea of biking down rough rocky terrain with no care to life and limb is not for everyone.

That said there is a growing tribe of people who have prompted bike manufacturers to design bikes that are suitable for new converts to biking. The spurt of all terrain bikes on the market is a natural fallout of the popularity of the sport. The all terrain mountain bikes are made with one aim-sustain any physical duress it may encounter. Technology has ensured that bikes meant for all terrain biking have good shock absorbers helping bikers to ride downhill or go cross country biking. The all-terrain bikes have specific functionality and refinements depending on the road it has been built for.

Schwinn 26” High Timber Men’s bike is so named because of its 26-inch tires that give firm grip to the bike over rough terrain. Endowed with a steel MTB frame this is durable and comfortable, a winning feature considering the rough trails mountain bikers have to ride on. Besides this, the bike has alloy linear pull brakes and 30mm rise handlebars.

This model from Schwinn has style and substance and a sturdy durable frame making it one of the popular models for mountain biking. If you’re tired of slow gear changes, you’ll be satisfied with the intuitive twist shifting feature, the grip shift on this 21-speed drive train bike. The resilient Schwinn Frontier tires give increased traction for off-road riding and are pavement-friendly as well without making that annoying noise that some bikes do. The brakes provide reliable braking every time while the  stem and handlebars deliver stability and strength.

Like all Schwinn bikes this model has classic, sleek style making it a joy to behold and ride as well. Though cyclists look for comfort the visual appeal also matters and the design element of this particular Schwinn model will win over even the hardened critic. The Schwinn 26” takes care of both these requirements.  For the do-it-yourself enthusiasts the model comes in a ready to assemble type with detailed instructions on how to put it together. Of course for those who are inept at assembling equipment and deciphering instructions a local garage is just a phone call away.


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