Even if a custom home project seems to be complicated, hiring a good builder would help resolve a lot of the complications. Verifying the credentials of the builder is extremely important. You do not want to hand over your project to an inexperienced builder lacking the right expertise to build a custom home. 

The builder should be a member of the National Association of Home Builders. Certifications from such national associations go a long way in establishing trust. The builder should have good communications skills. The builder should be able to speak effectively with the local authorities in case any approvals need to be obtained. The builder should be in touch with the local communities too. He should coordinate the laborers and other professionals working on the project in a smooth manner. The builder should also be vocal with you. He should keep you updated about the status of the project every month.

The custom home builder should be well aware of the costs associated with every aspect of the construction. If not, it is very difficult to complete the project within the budget specified by the client.