It can be helpful to work with a real estate agent when looking to build a custom home. They can help you choose the right lot and layout for your home, and recommend contractors who can help with the construction process. It can also be helpful to consult with a home builder or architect to help design your home. Many custom home builders and architects have experience designing and building homes that meet specific needs, such as accessibility, energy efficiency, and comfortable living. They can help you create a custom home that fits your needs and meets your expectations.

Building a custom home can be a fun and exciting experience, and you can choose from a variety of home builders to help you create the perfect home. Some home builders specialize in creating custom homes, while others are more generalistic in their approach. When you are looking for a home builder, be sure to ask about their experience creating custom homes. 

When you are selecting a custom home builder, be sure to ask about their fees and how much customization they will be able to do on your home. Some builders may charge a higher fee for more customization, while others may be more affordable and offer more limited customization options.

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